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I work with inspiring people who are committed to creating a life they love through personal growth, contribution, and intention.

Women who know that becoming the best version of themselves is the first step toward creating a life of abundance in health, finances, relationships, gratitude, and possibility. It’s a life centered around your well-being that flows effortlessly!

I have worked within the health and wellness industry for 25 years, as a former nurse, holistic wellness coach, entrepreneur and speaker. I’m married to Todd for 28 years. We have seven beautiful children and three beautiful grandchildren.



If you think about it, everything we know is built on relationships.

Family, communities, businesses, and countries are all built on relationships. Relationships are forged by communication. So, why don't we invest more time in understanding who is sitting in front of us and how to communicate to them?

As a leadership, communication and relationship trainer I work with corporate enterprises, entrepreneurs, and those who are leaders in their profession. Businesses and individuals who understand the secret to success is through smarter relationships.


I am a natural leader and a passionate entrepreneur. I regularly provide keynote speaking engagements at prominent conferences throughout the country. Recently, I appeared as a co-host on The Dr. Oz show to announce The Future of Nursing scholarship. As a former nurse, this scholarship program is something near and dear to my heart.

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Angie Gray & Dr. Oz


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Coaching with Angie has been such a huge blessing and inspiration!! Among other things, I’ve learned to rejoice in where I am today and be grateful instead of wishing I was better. Angie’s loving heart and deep desire to see every person knowing they are worthy shines through in all she says and does! I would definitely recommend investing in coaching. It’s not just for yourself! It will make a difference in the life of each person who knows you. We all influence others, for good or bad, so let’s make it good!

In the end months of 2015 I was feeling as if I needed a mentor in my life. It’s as if the Universe heard my prayers and led me to Angie. She has been a guiding light in the months that I’ve known her. She is kind, generous and gracious in all that she does. If you are looking for someone who is dedicated to helping you grow as an individual and move you out of your comfort zone than she is the one for you!

I’ve never met anyone as genuinely warm and loving as Angie! She has such a way of lifting people up and making them feel like they can conquer anything! She has been such an inspiration to me and has helped coach me on how to set personal and health goals. I love “working” with her to help others find true health and happiness!


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