The Nurse Leadership Mastery Program ™

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The Nurse Leadership Mastery Program ™

15.5 Contact Hrs. 2-day workshop Empowering nurse leaders with the fundamental skill set to lead for the future of nursing and healthcare.

About this Event

  • 15.5 contact hours
  • 2-Day workshop
  • Dec. 5th 8-5 p.m.
  • Dec. 6th 8-5 p.m.

More and more responsibility is added to your plate, endless paperwork, relationships at work are challenging and there is very little time for patient care.

All of this can suck the joy out of your day and the joy out of nursing.

Great nurse leaders are needed now more than ever.

Healthcare is shifting from sickness to wellness. We need nurses dedicated to personal and professional growth to lead the way.

In the The Nurse Leadership Mastery Program ™ here's what you and your team of leaders will discover:

  • Master the fundamental skill set to improve work environments
  • Decrease work stress and increase job satisfaction
  • Improve retention
  • Discover how to successfully communicate with patients EVERY time, in LESS time
  • The missing link to clear and productive communication with your team
  • Learn the negotiation skill set to achieve your desired outcomes
  • Find out why you are successful in your communication ONLY 4% of the time.
  • Discover triggers and tripwires that make or break great relationships with every nurse on your team.
  • A proven system to increase your communication skills up to 300%
  • Learn how to successfully validate and recognize your team and teach them to do the same

Great Leadership is all About People

Healthcare is shifting from sickness to wellness and nurses are on the frontlines.

We need nurses dedicated to mastering the skill set needed for personal and professional growth.

You are the Future of Healthcare

Let's bring the joy back to nursing and create the best patient experience!

The Future of Nursing with Dr. Oz

Angie Gray & Dr. Oz

Two weeks ago, I co-hosted a segment on the Dr. Oz show with Dr. Oz. Yes, the real Dr. Oz!

I am honored to represent my product partner, USANA Health Sciences, along with Dr. Oz, to sponsor an essay contest awarding the winner a $10,000 scholarship.

The contest is called,

The Future of Nursing

All current nursing students are eligible to apply.

Dr Oz with Angie Gray - Holistic Wellness, Business, Leadership, & Relationship Coach


Hilariously, and so fitting for my life, nothing went quite as planned. Lucky for me, mom of 7, I’m used to it! After a surreal experience with hair and makeup experts () I was whisked away and there I was, in the hot seat next to Oz himself.


As I sat next to Oz while he read through the script and
they did light checks etc., I was thinking, “how did I get here?” I
never thought about cohosting a segment on the Dr. Oz show. Not ever.

Not even once. I thought, "Is it karma? Is the universe really listening? Thank you, universe!"


thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you
concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough”
~Oprah Winfrey


I felt so grateful for the experience and so honored, as a former nurse, to be representing nurses.


Nurses are the unsung heroes of so many important times in our lives.


I’ve learned through great mentors, books, and wisdom:

  • Generously paid forward (spread good energy).
  • To be clear about the end result (set a clear intention)
  • Head in that general direction (allow things to manifest).
  • Be grateful when things manifest, don't overlook them when they do, & (most importantly) enjoy the ride!

I am thankful for

  • Being clear on where I want to go.
  • Having the opportunity to cohost with Dr. Oz
  • The honour of representing the amazing nurses of our future.


Clear Intention
Nursing students have a clear end result. They need to finish their
studies and graduate. The intention? To serve others with all they’ve
learned--this is clear.

The essay contest is an opportunity to win a scholarship. Only one nursing student will win but EVERY one of the contestants entering are worthy of it.

Just participating says alot about

  • Overcoming fear/doubt.
  • Being confident & inspired.
  • Recognizing & allowing opportunities such as this contest to manifest.
  • Being grateful whatever the outcome may be.

Each contestant has to provide a video of themselves explaining why nursing is important. The stories shared in these videos will bring tears to your eyes. Each applicant telling why becoming a nurse is important to them. The future of nursing lies with men and women committing to getting the education needed to serve others in vulnerable times. All of us will need the care of a nurse some day. Whether it is for us or a parent or loved one. The future of nursing lies in ALL of the nursing students.
Not only in the passing meds but in caring for the whole person, mind, body, and spirit.

Dr Oz with Angie Gray - Holistic Wellness, Business, Leadership, & Relationship Coach

Best of luck to all the amazing students!

Please join me on the Oz show this Friday at 4:00 p.m. CT. See you on then!

There’s still time to enter! Deadline November 15th