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I’m a holistic wellness coach and a licensed relationship expert. As a former health-care professional and a mother of seven, my success comes from a deep understanding of relationships.

I work with individuals and organizations as a certified trainer to develop relationship intelligence with others and more importantly with the self. My nursing background allows me to offer a holistic yet scientific approach to self-care, prevention education, nutrition, physical movement, and mindfulness.

These offerings are my personal commitment to your wellness for a lifetime!

I’ve teamed up with 3 physicians, 4 health coaches, and a psychotherapist to bring you the latest information and research on the gut-brain connection. Maintaining health depends in part on a well-functioning digestive system. An inefficient digestive system leads to nutrient deficiencies.

Optimize your digestion, boost your second brain, improve your mood, learn what is essential for a healthy weight, beautiful skin, and renewed energy! Join me and the Digestive Detox Dream Team. We want you to love your digestive system.

Sticking with a program that changes your entire lifestyle can be tough. There will be ups and downs and days when you just aren’t feeling it, and that’s okay. Even if you slip up once or twice, never quit. Because living well isn’t a fad—it’s a lifestyle, and you’re in it for the long haul. Always remember that you are worth it.

This program, as all 3 Be Healthy Be Beautiful programs, are focused on a healthy lifestyle centered around nutrition, clean eating, exercise, and stress management.

Experience the complete beauty regimen that combines comprehensive nutrition with high-performance skincare for truly beautiful results.

Health—and beauty—begin from within. My Be Beautiful 28-Day Program makes it easier than ever to combine nutrients that nourish your cells with top-of-the-line skin care products that encourage healthy, radiant looking skin. And as a member of my group, you’ll receive support and encouragement from others who are working toward similar healthy lifestyle goals.

Choose to learn to be gentle and kind to our amazing bodies.

Your health is a choice and a gift that keeps on giving! Having a positive body image is a journey. I invite you to take this journey with me now.


Learn more by watching my webinar that covers the core values of my programs & the Body Image Movement (BIM) plus more.

Program Core Values

We are worthy of abundance

This is a lifestyle not a diet or a challenge

We detox our mind, body, spirit, and our environment

We embrace our body by practicing loving kindness

We make time for us—so we can be the best we can be for others

Customized for your skin, health, and digestion goals & needs

Be Healthy Be Beautiful 28-Day Program - Angie Gray Wellness

"Get rid of processed foods, because you won’t need them."

Smoothies formulated with the right ratio of complete proteins, beneficial fats, fiber, and low-glycemic carbohydrates to help you maintain your energy levels.

Healthy Smoothie Healthy Habits - Angie Gray Wellness

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