As a Celavive Ambassador, I have exclusive access to Celavive skin care products.

Dr. Lee, skin care expert, explains why she's partnered with USANA.

Learn more about your body's largest organ. Watch this and be amazed by the Science of Celavive.

"Skin is a manifestation of our overall health." ~Dr. Oz

  • How does our skin become damaged?
  • Where do wrinkles come from?
  • What makes a good skin care product?
  • How does Celavive help our own cells repair?
  • How long before we can see a differnce?
  • How to apply Celavive?
Dr. Lee answers all of the above plus see a live before/after case study. Check it out.

Angie Gray Cellavive Ambassador

Go Beyond What You See

I am honored to share with you that I have been chosen to be an ambassador for the future of skincare, USANA’s Celavive!

Two Systems

Dry/Sensitive products and Combination/Oily products will be available--limited quantity and while supplies last.

Dry/Sensitive Infographic
Dry or Sensitive Skin Infographic
Oily/Combination Skin Infographic
Oily or Combination Skin Infographic

What's Included

  • Conditioning make up remover
  • Gentle milk cleanser/creamy foam cleanser ( One or the other depending on your skin type)
  • Perfecting toner
  • Protective day lotion or cream (depending on your skin type )SPF 30
  • Replenishing night gel or cream (depending on your skin type)
  • Vitalizing serum
  • Hydrating Eye essence

I'm so excited for you to try Celavive!! Don't forget to let me know which system you think your skin will BEST respond 🙂

Create a lifestyle that is the best fit for YOU and your family.Angie Gray - Celavive Ambassador
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Thank you 😌
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