Angie Gray Wellness Coaching and SexyFit Nutrition Challenge

About Angie

I’m passionate about everyone’s health, wealth, and well-being.

I work with inspiring people who are committed to creating a life they love through personal growth, contribution, and intention.

Women who know that becoming the best version of themselves is the first step toward creating a life of abundance in health, finances, relationships, gratitude, and possibility. It's a life centered around your well-being that flows effortlessly!

I am a mom of 7, wife of 25 years, health coach, entrepreneur, business coach, and public speaker.


Working as a nurse during second shift while homeschooling, I was tired and missing out on time with our family. I was looking for a way to continue to serve others in the health field but also be able to stay home with our 7 children. I knew there had to be a better way.


I found myself an amazing mentor and together we created a plan that aligned with who I am and what my goals were. My plan that allowed me to continue to stay home with our children and create abundance in our finances all while helping other like-minded women do the same!


My mission is to help people achieve their highest goals in both health and finances by teaching 2  fundamental principles:

  1. Appreciation of others and everything we've been given.
  2. Loving yourself is the foundation and springboard of possibility. Through personal development comes the realization of our infinite possibilities.

Are you Ready?

In gratitude and service,

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