Announcing a new and heartfelt collaboration with my friends at Love Powered Co.

I’m so excited to share with everyone my partnership with Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood of Love Powered Co.

Love Powered Co™’s mission is to power the next generation of mindful leaders. To fuel them with positive self-talk, confidence, self-love, and self-worth. To empower them, so they may take the torch, lead with love, and light the way for others.

They believe that a better tomorrow is possible, but it starts with us today. Supporting Love Powered Co. means that you are doing something for yourself. Yet, at the same time being part of something bigger. You’re a part of a movement, powering a mindful generation.

Welcome home, to our Love Powered family.

Affirmation. Connection. Repeat.

Learn more about Love Powered Co. by clicking below. And, stay tuned for more.

BE love,

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