Learning how different personalities work is is essential for successful relationships.

If there is one thing I know for sure, it is when things between Todd and I aren’t going great.

No matter how hard I try to manipulate the circumstances, the rest of my life becomes challenging including how I relate to my kids and in my work life. Nothing flows. Everything seems harder and feels less joyful.


“Learning how different personalities work is essential!”

The “nugget”

Todd and I could not be more different in how we communicate. Boy has that been a source of frustration and misunderstanding!

Many years ago I was given a nugget of wisdom by an amazing woman and therapist named Carol. This beautiful nugget saved me from many years of disappointment.

Here it is:


Todd is not the prince that always knows what to say and how comes to my rescue and I am not the princess that, well … no where close.

No “supposed to be’s” meant that the expectations I projected onto my husband and he onto me, were a set up for failure and disappointment.


Angie Gray Holitic Wellness Coach and Relationship Expert

My relationship with my husband is the most important one of all. The opportunity that we manifested for us to grow in our understanding of how we communicate through my relationship/communication training, has been an eye opener. This new awareness filled us with a greater understanding of each other and cultivated more grace to give to one another.

As Todd and I enter into the 3rd quarter of our lives and of our marriage, here are five things we work toward with great intention:

  1. Daily check in: For us it’s after we get into bed KIds are in bed or acting as if and we shut the door and take time to download and be good listeners. #intimacy
  2. Weekly date nights: WE love our date night! We are simple folk. Usually dinner and a movie. Currently we are committed to spicing it up with each of taking one date night a mont to do something our of our comfort zone! Really crazy like, bowling! LOL! #spiceitup
  3. Meditation: We are very mindful of the energy we bring to eachother. Practicing meditation is foundational for us. Sometimes we meditate together but most often its on our own time. Taking the time to remember who we are and be grateful for all that we have fills our cup so we are our best selves for each other and our family and in our work life. #rememberwhoyouare
  4. Relationship checkups with our favorite family therapist. Having a great therapist on call for check-ins and check-ups is part of our tool kit. #backontrack
  5. Speak to your spouse like you’re dating. This is my favorite and and the most important one, ever. “Kindness is the light that dissolves all walls between souls, families and nations” P.W. #thinkbeforeyouspeak

For us, there have been many challenges and many successes, which I can’t wait to share with you in coming newsletters.

Until next time,

In gratitude and service,

Angie Gray Coaching & Wellness





What is Your Personality Type?

My understanding of this dynamic and my desire to experience the most out of this beautiful life led me to find a way to improve our relationship. And, gosh did I find something so precious, I couldn’t believe I didn’t discover it sooner.

I recently became licensed and certified to teach a revolutionary methodology that builds great relationships both personally and professionally! That’s how much I believe in this method.

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