I recently returned home from attending the 25th International Convention of my amazing product partner, USANA Health Sciences!

There are so many announcements such as openings in 4 new countries and ground-breaking technology in skin care just to name a few!

Just three years ago I made a major life shift to become a full-time holistic wellness coach. Now, with USANA as my vehicle to live out my passion, I lead an amazing team of women from all over the world who teach me and inspire me to be the best me every day!

USANA products are a major part of coaching others toward self-worth and value, mind body and spirit.

My partnership with USANA has created great opportunities.

I am honored today to share with you that I have been chosen to be an ambassador for the future of skincare, USANA’s Celavive!

Angie Gray Celavive Ambassador

I absolutely LOVE the tagline USANA chose for Celavive,

“Go Beyond What You See.”

What a beautiful message, yes?A message which I  have the opportunity to share with others every day, over coffee or on a stage in front of thousands…

YOU are worthy.
YOU are valued and valuable.

Over the next few months, I will be keeping you in-the-know! I will be sharing information and educational material on this breakthrough Science and aging beautifully!

You will definitely want to follow closely as an opportunity is coming soon to get your hands on these amazing products!

I can’t believe the difference I have seen in my skin in less than three weeks!!!

Angie Gray Celavive Ambassador

Pre-order Now

Angie Gray Celavive AmbassadorCelavive will be available world-wide in early 2018.

But, coming in mid-October to early November. there will be a short window of opportunity to place your Celavive order.

Get on my pre-order list now so that you can get your Celavive products once they’re available!

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