Knowing that you can either do nothing, stay the same, or change can set you FREE!

About three years ago, someone I respect, told me that if I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, or if I felt like I wanted to quit, then just QUIT.

At 47-years old I  started my coaching business after 18 years of being a stay-at-home mom. Out of our seven children, three were still being home-schooled, and basically, five of the seven were still living at home.

My husband Todd is an entrepreneur and runs a successful flooring business.

Although all the troops were on board to support my new journey, no one really knew what to expect, including me.

The kids were used to having me “at the ready” and honestly so was Todd. I was juggling all the new parts of having a business and growing a team all the while doing my best to maintain all the same mom responsibilities.

There were a lot of break-downs along the way.

I’m happy to share with you that in 3 years:

  • I have grown an International business,
  • become a leader within my community and company,
  • and increased our income.

What manifested in these 3 years were the most amazing things and experiences in our life. But, all this wasn’t possible


Angie Gray Wellness & Coaching - Skip the Diet. Get SexyFit with me.I had a mentor.

I had a coach that I sought out. My coach was:

  1. Already successful and a person who I aligned with.
  2. Someone I respected and whom I felt was “real” and would share from their heart.
  3. Who was passionate about living life to its fullest and creating a life they loved.





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Sometimes taking the first steps are the hardest.

Do you think it’s too late or you are too old to make a change? You won’t after watching this.

This is a powerful video I want to share with you, from one of my favorite women. My virtual mentor, Marie Forleo.


“One time, someone told me that I could quit. By quitting, I knew I was free to succeed.” ~Angie Gray
It’s YOUR beautiful life.
YOU are the creator of your life.
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