This morning, on my morning walk I listened to my favorite spiritual guru and about 30 seconds in, I was flying high on life!

The vibrational difference between hope and fear is the difference between recovery, or not. ~Abraham.

Angie Gray Wellness Coaching

This is why I am a coach.

I was born to be a coach.

I came here, to be a coach.

To pay forward the message that you and I, came here to experience joy and abundance.

Beginning with choosing to create our own BEAUTIFUL LIFE.




Learn more about creating your BEAUTIFUL LIFE

In my beautiful life, I love that every day

  • I get the opportunity to choose how my day will go.
  • I get to work alongside women and men who want to create life on their own terms. Women who have decided to figure out what lights them up and together we work out a plan of action to deliberately and intentionally do what they love.

Are you ready to get ready!?

Are you ready to

  1. Take control of your health
  2. Enrich your relationships
  3. Grow your financial wellbeing

Let’s do this!

Your Assignment Today

  1. Take 15 minutes every morning to breathe–to meditate.
  2. Listen.
  3. Contemplate on what do you hope for?
  4. Think about what do you want?

Ever have negative emotions? Of course, we all do. But, I’ll bet that most of use don’t know how to handle or cope with these negative emotions. I.e. we are doing it all wrong. Set aside some time to watch this video. It’s a different way and a healthier way to check-in with your negative thoughts.

{BE love}

Angie Gray Coaching & Wellness

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