This didn’t look quite as pretty as the picture but actually that mango looks a bit like melted cheese?

Listen people, I do not love to venture off the beaten path when it comes to what I eat. I know what I like and that’s usually what I eat every day.

So, this new #30dayraw (you should do it with me), has really opened me up to food and how fun it is!

That might sound funny coming from a Holistic Wellness Coach who talks about food? But, with 7 kids it’s not easy to be super creative and get something that everyone likes. This is especially challenging with a picky husband. 🙄

So for now I’m making my own meals and hoping they’ll be open to trying them. This taco recipe is amaze balls, and EASY 😅

A little too salty so I’ll tweak it for next time but it lasted me for 2 supper meals! 🙌🏻Super good! 😋and PS, all the new recipes I’m making fit right into my amazing SexyFit program!

It’s time for my mid summer challenge! Register here.

Time to get SexyFit! 💃🏼

Here’s the Raw Walnut Taco recipe. Click to enlarge and save to your phone or desktop.

Raw Walnut Recipe

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