Hi Beautiful People 😊

This weekend I had the honor of presenting at a health and fitness fest.
Before I began to teach–as we  waited for the event to begin, I introduced myself to a group of ladies at the table. I like to meet the audience to ask what they hope to learn or hear more about.
They thought for a moment and one lady simply said,

“How do we fit it all in?”

This is an age old question.

The same lady proceeded to tell me the schedule of her daily events and how by the end of the day she was pooped. With all our responsibilities, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time.

This, my sisters, is NOT true and NOT true.

WE decide what things or people or tasks we prioritize.

WE decide what things or people or tasks we give our time to.

Just Do It Just Do It


Our choices reflect our priorities. So, the simple answer to, “How do I fit it all in?”

START with fitting YOU in…. FIRST thing in the morning.  YOU.
Everything else will feel so much easier.  I promise.





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Be SexyFit…
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